Saturday, October 16, 2004

Looting the Life from Our Soldiers, Our Planet

Nuclear scientists have long known that the depleted uranium, also called uranium 238 or D.U. used in our weapons and military armor, is radiating through our own soldiers’ bodies, its toxic dust causing, not only serious lung and eye damage but mutations in their DNA that cause deadly cancerous tumors, leukemia and irreversible damage to their genetic material. Their mutated and distorted genes are passed on in their semen to their children, who may be born without limbs, without eyes, without other crucial body parts, and without hope of a normal life for themselves or their families.

Terry Jemison of the Department of Veterans Affairs said that of the 592,561 discharged veterans from the 1991 war in Iraq, 179,310 are receiving disability compensation, and another 24,763 cases are pending.

More than one out of every three veterans from the first Gulf War is permanently disabled. This in a war where there were only 148 American combat deaths.

Despite such statistics, the U.S. Army still maintains that exposure to D. U. is harmless. To admit its danger might deprive them of a supremely deadly and effective armor-piercing weapon which also serves as a dense barrier to offensive attack.

Ok, you might say, D.U. exposure is just a another danger our soldiers must be prepared for if they join the army; it’s just another danger that our enemies’ soldiers must be prepared for if they fight us. But the weaponized depleted uranium we use burns rapidly in air and then remains there as micro-particles. It’s dust coats the earth where hundreds of thousands of children play, where women farm, where it encrusts their crops with its deadly particulate and is inhaled, ingested and absorbed into their bodies. The micro particles are blown up into the air and carried across borders and thousands of miles where its toxicity will bring more cancerous deaths and more mutated genes to hundreds of thousands of non-combatants.

The half life of depleted uranium is 4.4 billion years. That means that in 4.4 billion years it will have lost only half of its toxic properties. The U.S. reportedly has a stock pile of 100 million tons of depleted uranium available for weapons and armor plating. During the 1991 Gulf War, up to 350 tons of depleted uranium were spread through Iraq. In this war, we have already deposited five times that amount on Iraqi soil, crops and human beings. Its deadly effects will last for 8.8 billion years. According to Dr. Doug Rokk, former director of the U.S Army Project on Depleted Uranium, it cannot be cleaned up, there is no cure for D.U. exposure, and only a slight exposure can be permanently damaging. We are laying the groundwork for generations of monstrous mutant children.

Where are those who, like George Bush, so militantly oppose stem cell research, oppose a women’s right to choose when to have a child, why aren’t they joining the battle to protect human life for myriad generations by stopping the use of this endlessly murderous nuclear weapon?.

The 9-11 terrorists killed three thousand, but we will be killing off billions, and all for relatively momentary control over Middle East oil. The oil will all be gone in a few hundred years, the depleted uranium will continue to kill and maim human life virtually forever.

The world, if it is to survive, desperately needs leaders who will think through the consequences of their acts – the long term consequences. George Bush is not such a leader. If not stopped, he will continue to mindlessly kill off generations of human beings with his “small” nuclear weapons of depleted uranium.. He must be stopped.


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