Sunday, October 17, 2004

Protest Arrests of Iranian Bloggers

Juan Cole reports that four Iranian journalists were arrested of late for expressing ideas unacceptable to the Iranian government. He suggests we write in protest.'
Omid Memarian, Iranian writer and journalist, weblogger and social activist was arrested on Sunday. According to his brother, who provided a report to ISNA, Omid was arrested in his work place and then taken to his home, where his computer and hand written notes were also confiscated. Omid was mentioned in the editorial by Hossein Shariatmadari published in Keyhan, which accused western governments of supporting a web (or network) of Iranian reformist journalists and webloggers who are working to overthrow the regime. It is worth mentioning that many of those accused of political crimes in recent years have been arrested based on false allegations which first appeared in the ultra conservative daily Kayhan.

Please complain about this to the Iranian government via their interests section in Washington, DC or via the Iranian embassy if you have one in your country. I know it seems hopeless to complain, but I used to write Amnesty International letters to the Communist government of Czechoslovakia complaining about intellectual repression, and maybe that sort of activity wasn't a waste of time in retrospect. I sometimes wonder where the apparatchik is now, who received them . . .


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