Sunday, October 10, 2004

Stop Sinclair Broadcasting Anti-Kerry Programming

Sinclair Boardcasting, which owns 62 TV stations in the U.S. (and has plans for acquiring more), has ordered its local stations to run a 90 minute anti-Kerry film within a week of the election.

This violates FCC regulations, and could have a tremendous impact on the election. They must be forced to either withdraw the film from the air ways or commit to giving equal publicity and time to the recently released Kerry biography. If they refuse to do so, we should all join in filing FCC and FEC complaints against them and in organizing a boycott of their advertiser's products.

It should be noted that Sinclair's CEO, David Smith, was arrested in 1996 while in the process of consorting, in flagrante delicto, with an orally expertised street hooker. So much for family values. Here follows contact information for Sinclair and a letter I wrote to them demanding that they change their plans.

Here are contact addresses for Sinclair Broadcasting:

Corporate Headquarters
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
410-568-1500 (Main Telephone)
410-568-1533 (Main Fax)

Investor Relations Contact
Lucy A. Rutishauser
VP Corporate Finance and
Corporate Treasurer

Sales Questions
Darren Shapiro
VP Sales


Jeff Sleete
VP Marketing

Web Site Concerns
Mike O'Malley
Corporate Webmaster

When I called today, David Shapiro's mail box was fill, so I left a message on Jeff Sleete's and that of Jessica Sleete, whoever she may be.

I also e-mailed their investor section. Here's the e-mail I wrote:

"Your plan to mandate individual stations to show an anti-Kerry film within 60 days of the election is violative of FCC regulations and an affront to the democratic process. Unless the anti-Kerry film is withdrawn or equal time is given to publicizing and showing the recently released Kerry biography, I will join in the filing of an FCC complaint and help in the organization of a boycott of your advertisers.

I believe that your advertisers would not continue to support a company which is not only seeking to undermine the election process, but whose CEO's has been arrested, in flagrante delicto while having sex with a street hooker. His conduct certainly undermines the improvement of family values."

Write/call Sinclair's advertisers:

1-800-487-2729 tholtz@ARBYS.COM

_National Circuit City

Tallahassee Folmar Gun & Pawn
850-224-6836, 850-224-3335

_National General Mills
(763) 764-7600 612-540-7092,

Portland Hannaford Supermarkets

Des Moines Homemakers Furniture - Rick
515-309-4673, 888-818-7283, 515-265-3481

Dayton IAMS Pet Food

Minneapolis Once Upon A Child / Winmark
(763) 520-8500, (800) 567-6600

Portland Pineworks Furniture
207-777-7009, 207-786-4849, 1-866-876-746

Milwaukee Rank & Son Buick Pontiac GMC

Flint Rightway
810-239-4392, 989-779-8900, 989-835-8143

_National U.S. Cellular

Kansas City Watson's
913-888-SPAS, (513) 326-1100


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