Saturday, November 27, 2004

Dynamite Article by Naomi Klein: Kerry and the Gift of Impunity

Naomi Klein is one of the best political writers extant. She is fearless and calls it as she sees it. This article reminds me of all the issues I put aside in working to get Bush ousted. In my wish to have a sane and intelligent president, I rationalized that Kerry would likely stop the Iraq War, even if he said he was going to "win" it. I hope that was true, but the longer Kerry stays out of sight, rather than leading the fight for an honest vote count, I wonder.

Klein is right. Nothing was said during the campaign about the War Crimes, about the numerous violations of the Geneva Convention, about the trashing of constitutional rights for those arrested and imprisoned.
Kerry and the Gift of Impunity: "The real-world result of all the 'strategic' thinking is the worst of both worlds: It didn't get Kerry elected and it sent a clear message to the people who were elected that they will pay no political price for committing war crimes. And this is Kerry's true gift to Bush: not just the presidency, but impunity. You can see it perhaps best of all in the Marlboro Man in Falluja, and the surreal debates that swirl around him. Genuine impunity breeds a kind of delusional decadence, and this is its face: a nation bickering about smoking while Iraq burns."
Read the whole article, it's all too terribly true. We simply must stop this madness.


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