Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One Hundred Thousand Iraqis Dead, and More from Falloojeh

So this is how Bush kicks off his second term. More bloodshed.

"Innocent civilians in that city have all the guidance they need as to how they can avoid getting into trouble,"

How do they do that Rumsfeld? While tons of explosives are being dropped upon your neighborhood, how do you do that? Do you stay inside the house and try to avoid the thousands of shards of glass that shoot out at you from shattering windows? Or do you hide under a table and hope that it's sturdy enough to keep the ceiling from crushing you? Or do you flee your house and pray to God you don't come face to face with an Apache or tank or that you aren't in the line of fire of a sniper? How do you avoid the cluster bombs and all the other horror being dealt out to the people of Falloojeh?

From Riverbend


Blogger Scrambler said...

If you are standing on a rail road track and a train is coming do you just stand there and let it run over you. If the inocents didn't leave Falloojeh weeks ago they are absolute fools.


11:19 PM  
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