Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oppose the Right Wing Likud Attacks on Juan Cole

just checked my campus mail and found a letter in it from Colonel Yigal Carmon, late of Israeli military intelligence, now an official at the Middle East Media Research Organization, or MEMRI. He threatened me with a lawsuit over blog comments I made here at Informed Comment, reprinted at This technique of the SLAPP or Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation had already been pioneered by polluting industries against environmental activists, and now the pro-Likud lobby in the US has apparently decided to try it out against people like me.

I urge all readers to send messages of protest to Please be polite, and simply urge MEMRI, which has a major Web presence, to withdraw the lawsuit threat and to respect the spirit of the free sharing of ideas that makes the internet possible.

Apparently MEMRI took umbrage when Cole dared to suggest that they cherry-pick news to make the Arab countries look bad. As he didn't accuse MEMRI editors of murder, mayhem or stealing,and as corporations or organizations can't be libeled, the threat of litigation seems pretty baseless, but none the less, sending suggesting that they engage in a fair battle of ideas rather than trying to put Cole out of commission with legal fees might be a good idea.


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