Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Stunned into Silence, Shocked into Action, Give to Blackboxvoting.com

On November 2nd, as the first exit polls were reported, I was amazed to see Kerry leading by huge margins. Pennsylvania was 60% to 40% for Kerry, Minnesota was almost a twenty point spread too. Was it possible that we were really going to win, to get the neo-conservatives out of power?

Then, less than ten hours later, the reports had Bush leading. It was Wednesday morning here in Hawaii when Kerry conceded. How was it possible that Kerry could concede? There were still thousands of votes to be counted in Ohio and Florida, not to mention Iowa and New Mexico.

I was stunned into silence for several days. Until Friday, when I chanced upon www.blackboxvoting.org, which stated that they believed some of the vote totals were fraudulent, citing Florida. Florida was a key state. I began looking at the figures for Florida counties, and saw that the counties having optical scan machines had almost uniformly given Bush at least a 5% margin over Kerry, and the totals were discrepant with the exit polls.
In counties using other methods, there was no discrepancy with the exit polls.

Then I noticed that the votes in Palm Beach County totaled over a hundred thousand votes more than the number of people registered to vote in that county. Another discrepancy, this one yielding over 137,000 questionable votes.

Between Florida and Ohio, it looked like massive fraud was committed to make Bush the winner. But why was I surprized. I had known that any president corrupt enough to take his country to war on lies would not hesitate to manipulate vote totals if it was necessary to keep him in power. And, based on the exit polls, Bush was losing and needed to manipulate the votes to stay in power.

I had expected that Bush might stage a terrorist attack just prior to the election, even declare martial law and suspend the election "until the danger has passed". Why was I so naive to think that he wouldn't just change the vote totals. So much simpler, cleaner, to give yourself a "mandate" for the next four years.

Now, with his self-created "mandate" Bush is setting upon the Iraqis of Falluja. They took out the hospitals first because they don't want the hospital staff to report on the number of dead and wounded civilians. Bombing hospitals is, of course, a war crime. Add that to the lengthy list which I pray will one day be prosecuted.

Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org is making freedom of information act requests all over the country to chase down defective machines and stolen votes. That's expensive to do, as the
counties charge by the page of information. Documents here could run into the hundreds of thousands.

We need to fight the fraud. Just got an e-mail saying that there is a demonstration in front of Baldwin Beach Park today. Hopefully, this will happen all over the country. Meanwhile, donate at www.blackboxvoting.com.


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