Thursday, November 25, 2004

There's Hope With Howard

I'm not at all convinced that the Democratic Party lost the 11/2/04 election. One thing is for sure, if the votes of all the people who showed up at the polls and tried to vote for Kerry were counted, we definitely won.

A part of me thinks that perhaps it was clever of Kerry to immediately concede, and then to wait out the re-counts and lawsuits, thus depriving the Republican Party of ammunition for its predictable attacks on him for not conceding, but does he have to remain this quiet?

Meanwhile, Howard Dean has been traveling all over the country for the last six months to support Kerry and grass roots candidates through his Democracy for America organization. When he spoke to the Hawaii State Convention in May of 2004, he had the hall enthralled with his ideas and constantly on their feet applauding. He is a great rabble rouser, and that is what we need to lead the Democratic Party right now. I hope the DNC will see the light and vote for Dean in February. (Thanks to MYDD for the donkey).


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