Saturday, December 04, 2004

There's Even More Hope With Howard

Lobby the Hawaii delegates to the National Democratic Committee:

Brickwood Galuteria
Stephenie Ohigashi
Richard Port
Dolly Strazar

E-mail them at For other states, thanks to, here is an updated DNC roster(PDF) of people to contact.

Tell them six-term Vermont Governor Doctor Howard Dean is who we need to resusitate our Party, grow our membership, and put Democrats in office at every level of the political spectrum.

Dean's "Democracy for America" organization ( has been fundraising for local Democratic candidates all over the country. Many of them won. We need the National Democratic Party to be actively assisting local and state Democratic candidates in the same way. Dean will do that.

This week, Dean's "Democracy for America" made an internet appeal for donations to enable the Washington State Democratic Party to fund a recount in the governor's race there. Dean's DFA raised $250,000 in ONE DAY, which assures that the recount can take place.

Republican Rossi is only forty two votes in front of Democrat Christine Gregoire in the Washington race, and a few thousand "spoiled" ballots and provisional ballots remain un-counted. See www.mydd for more on this.

For more about Dean, see www.mydd and


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