Saturday, December 04, 2004

We Must Stop These Atrocities, All Emanating from the "Family Values" President

In Fallujah, our soldiers first took over the general hospital on the outskirts of the town,, arresting doctors in the middle of a serious operation, pulling them away and leaving the patient to die on the operating table. Then they bombed the small clinic inside the city, killing twenty doctors.

Reportedly, the military attacked the hospital and clinic first because in the last Fallujah attack in April, medical personnel had given journalists the numbers of the civilians killed and wounded. Once the medical personnel were effectively silenced, the military was free to announce that "No civilians were killed in Fallujah", which is what they did.

In Baghdad, U.S. soldiers invaded a mosque during Friday prayers, killing and wounding those at prayer. From the Blog of independent journalist, Dahr Jamail, in Iraq. Would that his daily journals on events in Iraq could be reprinted in all local newspapers in America. Americans need the truth about how George Bush is bringing democracy to Iraq:

Just like in Fallujah, soldiers denied Iraqi Red Crescent ambulances and medical teams access to the mosque. As doctors negotiated with U.S. soldiers outside, more gunfire was heard from inside the mosque.

About 30 men were led out with hoods over their heads and their hands tied behind them. Soldiers loaded them into a military vehicle and took them away around 3.15 pm.

A doctor with the Iraqi Red Crescent confirmed four dead and nine wounded worshippers. Pieces of brain were splattered on one of the walls inside the mosque while large blood stains covered carpets in several places.

Later Abu Talat comes to my hotel to see me. He is distraught, crying while he recounts the story. After listening to the tape he recorded inside the mosque during the atrocity, he says…

“I am in a very sad position. I do not see any freedom or any democracy. If this could lead into a freedom, it is a freedom with blood. It is a freedom of emotions of sadness. It is a freedom of killing. You cannot gain democracy through blood or killing. You do not find the freedom that way. People are going to pray to God and they were killed and wounded. There were 1,500 people praying to God and they went on a holiday were people go every Friday for prayers. And they were shot and killed. There were so many women and kids lying on the ground. This is not democracy, neither freedom.”

After several weeks of relative calm in Adhamiya, the detention of the Imam of Abu Hanifa and killing of worshippers inside their mosque is sure to ignite the fires of revenge in this area, which is already known as the Fallujah of Baghdad.


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