Sunday, January 09, 2005

Why We Need Howard Dean ...

To Chair the Democratic National Committee

There's More Hope With Howard!

There follows my letter of January 9, 2005 to the leadership of the Hawaii Democratic Party. Your comments or response would be most welcome:

Dear Brickwood, Stephanie and fellow Democrats.
I just got back from Ohio, where I helped with the election fraud litigation there. Last January I was in Iowa working for Dean in the Democratic primary. I'm telling you this so you'll know I care enough about electing Democrats to brave zero degree weather twice in one year!

One of my jobs in Ohio was to review absentee votes in Warren County. Warren was the county that locked out the press and public while they were counting the votes, claiming there was a national security threat. My review showed that there were some 1500 absentee votes that were shown in the voter roster but never counted in the published results. A number of the signatures in the roster clearly did not match the original signatures on file and a number of, provisional votes were rejected improperly for not having a picture ID. And all this in just one county.

In other counties, insufficient numbers of voting machines were delivered to highly Democratic voting precincts. causing impossibly long waits to vote. Many -- the disabled, those with children or old people to care for, those required at work-- could not wait the two to ten hours required, and so they left without voting.
The evidence of fraud and suppression of the Democratic vote across the state was massive, but the official Democratic Party and Senator Kerry did very, very little to fight that fraud. The Green Party and the Libertarian Party took the lead. Many of the Democratic volunteers who were working on the recount and vote fraud case were appalled by the lack of action by the party and by Kerry. In the Ukraine, the opposition party and candidate fought election fraud and won. Why not in the U.S.?
As a result of its failure to lead the fight against the fraud, the Democratic Party is in danger of losing thousands of its most active workers. The only thing that can stop this loss is if the new leadership of the DNC is a respected as a force for change. Howard Dean has that credibility, and he has the energy and ideas to restore the party's credibility.

As I'm sure you know, after Dean lost in the primary, he began traveling all over the country, including Hawaii, to speak and raise money on behalf of John Kerry and local candidates. Dean is a terrific speaker who energizes crowds and energizes local party activists.

We in Hawaii have seen him in action when he came to our 2004 Democratic Party convention. He had us on our feet cheering and clapping repeatedly, then he appeared at a small fund raiser for the benefit of our state party, then he met with local Democratic activists to encourage support for progressive candidates here. He has done the same all over the country, so we know that he is sincerely committed to building a strong grass roots based Democratic Party.

Looking at the national perspective, Dean is very well known across the country. (Thanks, in part, to the endless playing of that misleading Iowa scream tape which left out the roaring sound of Dean's enthusiastic supporters. John Sucich and I were there. The hall was packed with yelling and clapping supporters, so Dean had to yell to be heard over the din, but the media microphone was directed at Dean and didn't pick up the yelling supporters.)

None of the other possible candidates for the Democratic National Committee chair have the national recognition that Dean has, and none of them attract the same media attention. Such media attention will yield wide spread publicity for Party positions.

Dean was the first Democratic primary candidate to denounce Bush's invasion of Iraq, so we know that he has the independence and guts to stand up to the Republican Taliban to expose their lies and hypocrisy.

After the debacle of yet another stolen election, after yet another meek withdrawal from fighting that fraud, we need Howard Dean more than ever. I hope you will do everything possible to see that Dean is elected as the chair of the Democratic National Committee when it votes on its leadership position in February.

Aloha, Justina

P.S. I'd appreciate it if this letter could be sent out to the Democratic Party mailing list.


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