Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Are you wondering why President Bush has been berating Syria so adamantly in the last few months? Wondering why he has arrogantly demanded that Syria remove its troops from Lebanon? Syrian troops were originally invited into Lebanon, with the approval of the U.S., Europe and the U.N. to stop the seemingly endless civil war between Christians, Muslims, Palestinians and Israeli occupiers which turned Beirut into an earlier version of Fallujah. It worked. Syrian troops have effectively guarded the peace.

Syria responded to Bush by saying it would remove its troops in stages, and immediately began moving them into eastern Lebanon, next to its own border, but Bush was not satisfied. Not only did he then demand that Syria remove all its troops from Lebanon immediately, but all its purported "secret services" agents as well. Basically Bush demands that all Syrians, whether affiliated with the Syrian government or not, leave Lebanon. Prior to 1926, Syria and Lebanon were one country. The French carved it up into two.

Isn't it extremely hypocritical that Bush is demanding that Syria remove its invited troops from Lebanon, while Bush, whose illegal invasion of Iraq has wrecked havoc on Iraqi citizens, talks of remaining in Iraq for the next eight to ten years against the wishes of the majority of Iraqis?

The reason that Syria has temporarily risen to Number One on Bush's hit parade is that he has plans to put -- guess what? -- an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel which will go through Syria, if the U.S. can wrest control of it. Bush is setting Syria up for another American take over. Over 1500 of our soldiers have been killed to get control of Iraqi oil, how many more will be killed to pipe that oil to Israel? Call or Write your senators and representative to oppose the war on Syria -- and Iran, and Venezuela. Bring our troops home!


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