Friday, June 10, 2005

Bush is Certainly Bogged Down

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Holy shit. They truly are. I'll bet they're REALLY invoking the name of Jesus Christ in the White House this morning.

Associated Press/Ipsos poll conducted by Ipsos-Public Affairs. June 6-8, 2005. N=1,001 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.1.

"Overall, do you approve, disapprove or have mixed feelings about the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president?" If "mixed feelings" or not sure: "If you had to choose, do you lean more toward approve or disapprove?"

Approve: 43%
Disapprove: 55%
Mixed Feelings: 1%
Not Sure: 1%

Parade for Independence from OIl and Oil Wars


Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 8:30 a.m. on Aala Street

Call 808 573 3255 for more information

Sensenbrunner Shuts Off Dem Testimony in the Name of Patriotism

GOP House Judiciary Chair Uses Pinochet Tactics to Abruptly and Unilaterally Shut Down Hearing Into Abuses of the (Un)Patriot Act, Because He Was Afraid the Truth Would Come Out. America: "IT" is Happening Here. Democracy is Being Dismantled by GOP Thugs.


Representative Sensenbrunner shut off microphones and graveled hearing to a close in the midst of Democratic speech and witness testimony.

I wonder what this "Democracy" Bush is so eager to peddle abroad is made of? Bush's democracy doesn't seem to include the rights against unlawful search and seizure, the right to be free from torture, the right to an attorney and due process if detained, the right to bail, and it apparently doesn't include the right to have your elected representative speak and present testimony to Congress.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Michigan Congressman, John Conyers, was one of the few Democratic politicians to truly work to expose the fraud of the 2004 election. He held hearings and took testimony.

Now Congressman Conyers has taken the lead on the "Downing Street Memo" issue. He wrote a letter to Bush demanding an explanation for his failure to tell the American people and Congress that he had decided on war well prior to asking the Congress's authorization to act. Eighty nine Congressional Representatives signed on to his letter.

Representative Conyers has also begun a petition demanding an independent investigation of the issues raised in the Downing Street Memo. He started with a goal of 100,000 signatures, but the reponse has been so over-whelming that he now is aiming for 500,000. Go to to sign the letter.

Today Conyers announced that he will be holding public hearings starting June 16, 2005 where testimony will be taken on the lies that Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

For details on the hearings, go to

Who Do the Republicans Represent? Stop the Circular Firing Squad!

PAUL BEGALA: ...ABC News has a new poll out. Here's how they described part of President Bush's support.

The only population groups in which majorities say the president is concentrating on issues important to them are Republicans, Evangelical White Protestants, Conservatives and better off Americans.

Former UN ambassador Dansforth wrote recently that the Republican Party had been taken over by the Christian fundamentalists.

But if Howard Dean says it, it's divisive. The Bidens, Liebermans, even the Pelosi's and Obama's need to get out of the circular firing squad, and direct their attacks on Bush and the Republicans who are really dividing our country.

Write them and tell them to stop helping the Republicans by public attacks on Dean. They should make any criticisms they have to him privately. Go to, pick "Congress", then enter the name you are seeking, and write your message. If you want your message e-mailed, its free.