Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who Do the Republicans Represent? Stop the Circular Firing Squad!

PAUL BEGALA: ...ABC News has a new poll out. Here's how they described part of President Bush's support.

The only population groups in which majorities say the president is concentrating on issues important to them are Republicans, Evangelical White Protestants, Conservatives and better off Americans.

Former UN ambassador Dansforth wrote recently that the Republican Party had been taken over by the Christian fundamentalists.

But if Howard Dean says it, it's divisive. The Bidens, Liebermans, even the Pelosi's and Obama's need to get out of the circular firing squad, and direct their attacks on Bush and the Republicans who are really dividing our country.

Write them and tell them to stop helping the Republicans by public attacks on Dean. They should make any criticisms they have to him privately. Go to, pick "Congress", then enter the name you are seeking, and write your message. If you want your message e-mailed, its free.


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