Friday, July 01, 2005

Thank Goodness for Krugman and Herbert at the NY Times

Paul Krugman and Bob Herbert's honest and accurate descriptions of the American debacle in Iraq almost make up for the duplicity of Judith Miller's front page war mongering for the Bush Administration by channeling the trickster exile, Chalabi.

Krugman (NY Times, 7/1/05) is right, the sooner US troops leave Iraq, the fewer terrorists will be created and trained. The Al Qaeda kidnappers of two French journalists told them before their release that Al Qaeda was voting Bush-Cheney in 2004. Al Qaeda knew that, with Bush in office, they would never need to give out $40,000 bonuses to get their new recruits.

The sooner US troops leave Iraq, the sooner that devastated country will be able to repair their electrical, water and sewerage systems without getting shot or blown up in the process.

Iraq cannot resurrect the hundred thousand or more civilians killed in Bush's illegal war, but perhaps they could then be given a decent burial.

A fitting memorial gift to their dead would be Articles of impeachment and Senate removal of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Hopefully that would save lives in Syria and Iran too, which seem to be the new targets of choice of the neo-conservative oil robbers.


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