Sunday, July 10, 2005

When They Ask You Why We Died, Tell Them That Our Fathers Lied -- Rudyard Kipling

A variety of emotions wash over me as I reflect on our Iraq war: Disbelief at the length of time it took to call an insurgency by its name. Alarm at our continuing failure to promote at wartime speed the colonels and generals who have a talent for fighting it, while also failing to sweep aside those who do not. Incredulity at seeing decorations pinned on the chests and promotions on the shoulders of senior leaders -- both civilians and military -- who had the helm when things went badly wrong. Disdain for the general who thinks Job One is simply whacking the bad guys and who, ever conscious of public relations, cannot admit that American soldiers have tortured prisoners or, in panic, killed innocent civilians. Contempt for the ghoulish glee of some who think they were right in opposing the war, and for the blithe disregard of the bungles by some who think they were right in favoring it. A desire -- barely controlled -- to slap the highly educated fool who, having no soldier friends or family, once explained to me that mistakes happen in all wars, and that the casualties are not really all that high and that I really shouldn't get exercised about them.
The above is from an article by Eliot Cohen in the Washington Post today (7/10/05). Cohen, a military historian and a rabid neo-conservative, was one of the founding members of the Project for a New American Century and one of the architech's of their plan for Total US World Dominance, the plan which Bush and his top thugs have been trying to carry out, starting with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Funny, I guess when Cohen found out his soldier son was about to be shipped to Iraq to fight, he got a bit concerned about the incompetents who are running this war. He still supports the idea of invading Iraq, he's just critical of how it's being carried out.

If all their sons and daughters had to go to risk their lives in Iraq, this war would never have been started.


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