Saturday, January 07, 2006

Letter to Congressman Conyers: Ask Fitz to Investigate FISA Violations

Dear Congressman Conyers:

I am writing to urge you to request Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate FISA act violations by President Bush and numerous members of his administration.

President Bush has admitted to authorizing surveillance in violation of the FISA statute. Cheney was instrumental in pushing for warrantless surveillance. Steven Hadley, Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales and likely Rumsfeld and Bolton were also involved. Were all these people to be charged and convicted of violating the FISA Act, a five-year felony, they could all be impeached and removed.

It would not be necessary to seek the appointment of another special prosecutor to investigate FISA violations as Fitzgerald already has the authority to follow the Plame leak investigation wherever it leads.

It is highly likely that under Bush's authorization, the NSA was tapping Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson, as well as other governmental officials and journalists. Might they not also have tapped Fitzgerald phones and that of his investigators and cooperating witnesses? (And would Congressman Conyers and his staff have been spared?)

Please ask Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the FISA violations as part of his brief. We know he is competent and ethical.

Thank you for considering my views.



Blogger BobbyJoeBurns said...

I don't think Fitzgerald could be appointed but a special prosecutor is appropriate. Thanks for this great web site---

5:20 AM  
Blogger Chip Morgan said...

Good Job :))


1:04 AM  
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